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2018 Line Officers

Chief - Rich Frain

1st Assistant Chief - Sam Sipe                                 2nd Assistant Chief - Ed Solomon

                  Captain 1 - Mike Clepper                                            Rescue Captain - Steve Pavetti           

  Lieutenant 1 - Mike Bash                              Lieutenant 2 -  Don Clepper

Safety Officer - Gary Kepple  

2018 Table Officers
President- Sam Sipe                       Vice President - Mike Clepper

   Secretary - Diana Dowling              Assistant Secretary - Larry Ondrizek

 Treasurer - Steve Pavetti                    Assistant Treasurer- Gary Kepple 

Trustees- Larry Ondrizek, Steve Pavetti, Ed Solomon, Nick Baustert, Dylan Foster 

Relief Association
President- Ed Solomon         Vice President - Mike Clepper

Secretary- Michelle McMunn      Assistant Secretary - Rose Steffey

Treasurer- Rich Frain           Assistant Treasurer - Steve Pavetti

Trustees - Nick Baustert and Don Clepper


 Joel Allman

Dylan Foster

Dawn Portka

 Glady Bash

Alex Huffman

Bob Shirley

Mike Bash

Brian Huffman

Sam Sipe

 Nick Baustert

Corey Johnston

Ed Solomon

 Addie Birch

 Lyle Kunkle Jr.

Ken Stobert 

Casey Campbell

 Lyle Kunkle Sr.


Corey Clark

 Michelle McMunn


 Jim Clark

Dave Moore


 Mike Clepper

Glenn Murray 


 Chris Curcio

Paul Myers


 Jason Cook

Joe Pasterick


 Christian Disciscio

Steve Pavetti

 Diana Dowling

Ashley Polka



 Don Baker

 Chuck Kelly

 Howard Bash

 Gary Kepple

 Don F Clepper

 Lee Knepshield

 Don H Clepper

Bill Lange Jr.

 Ed Fisher

Bill Lange Sr.

 Rich Frain

Clayton Ondrizek

Ron Held Jr.

Larry Ondrizek

Ron Held Sr.

Rose Steffey

 Ron Jackson

 Tom Talmadge


 Debbie Clark

 Tammy Clark

Jan Clepper 

  Karen Curcio

 Michele Jackson

Dawn McCool

Adrianne Curcio

Tom Portka 

Clayton Reichenbaugh

  Virginia Reichenbaugh

      Jim Vensel     



The Kiski Township Fire Department Proudly sponsors a Junior
Firefighting program. The purpose of this program is to teach the
youth of the Township much needed skills and values which will
benefit them throughout life.

Requirements for becoming a member of the Jr. Fire Department;

»14 to 18 years old
 »Follow directions
»Adhere to the Department By-laws / PA Child Labor Laws

The Jr. Department meets bi-monthly on Sunday at 1:00 pm.

Current Members:

Tyler Arduino

The juniors firefighters learn from the best....
       Taking a few mental notes.           
Getting a few pointers from their chief!          How do these air packs work?
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