Gifts For Dad’s Car

As well as a tyre inflator, what other gifts might Dads like for the car?

Tyre air pumps make great gifts for Dad

After chatting to lots of different people about what they have found to be the best gift they think they’ve got for their Dads, gadgets for cars seem to keep coming up in our conversations.  So, when we’re thinking about what entities we should get as a gift for our Dads, maybe a practical item for the car could be one of our best presents.  It may even become an option we are thinking about doing most of the time!  Here’s a list of some of the possible car related products you might consider.

Washing cars can be fun for kids
  1. Tyre pumps
    Tyre pumps come with lots of practical uses.  Going on a long journey in the car and want to check the tyre pressure is in line with the cars makers recommendations?  Want to just do a regular review of the car?  Concerned that the tyre pressure is too low?  Having a tyre pump at home, some of which can be kept inside the car, means that Dad could modify his car’s tyre pressure whatever time or day he wishes to.
  2. Screen covers
    We all know how irritating it can be to need to clear the windscreen of ice on cold days, especially when we are in a rush to ensure that we make it into work on time!  Screen covers can protect the front windscreen from becoming completely covered in ice, meaning its more likely to take less time to get the car screen clear.  To be even more useful, we all know hot the car becomes when it’s been sat in direct sunlight.  Even though many cars have air conditioning available inside, it still takes an amount of time to lower the temperature.  Using a screen cover can deflect some of the sun’s heat away from the car which reduces the amount by which the temperature increase inside.
  3. Car wash kits
    Many people find clean cars look incredibly appealing.  Having a car wash kit containing a whole range of items from protective car wash to polishing car wax, means Dads can keep their cars looking spick and span and often rather impressively clean.  There are many different packs that can be bought from various places including online, local garages, high street stores and shops in car showrooms.  With a fascinating number of different products, there’s the benefit of having a wide selection of choices available.
  4. Dash cameras
    There seems to be a growing trend for owning car dash cameras to record journeys from A to B.  Dads can be very confident drivers.  Some of them find these products reassuring as they could record each journey that they make.  This means that in a scenario such a traffic collision incident that they may be involved in or witness, they have a record of what occurred.   These products appear to come in a range of shapes and sizes and with various features including cameras that can record the front and rear images.  The prices vary.
  5. Jump start kits
    Ever been outside to start the car and found the battery is lifeless? In the past using cable clamps from one car to another was commonly the only option available option other than calling out the breakdown service.  Today there are a range of booster packs available that let you jump start your own vehicle without any other help necessarily being needed.  Some even come along with lights to allow you to see inside the bonnet in the dark and make you more visible to others.   A great treat for Dad if the car won’t start.